Discretionary Portfolio Management

Evolving financial markets are complex and require considerable involvement and analysis. Similarly, the opportunities and risks inherent to investments require constant attention. And yet, your time is precious.

With our Bespoke Discretionary Portfolio Management, you delegate the analysis, selection of the best investments and constant monitoring of your portfolio to our team of portfolio managers. We leverage our combined expertise, experience and extensive network of financial specialists we work.

Risk management and prompt reaction whenever necessary are instrumental in meeting your personalised investment objectives.  Furthermore, diversifying in terms of geographies, asset classes, sectors and themes is paramount and involves us being close to you and understanding your personal circumstances.

Wealth Management

Structuring your Wealth or managing inheritance and gifts may be just as important as asset management. We offer an open platform for all your wealth management needs. 

Institutional Solutions

ACT Asset Management provide investments solutions to Institutional Clients and Asset Managers through our AMC (Actively Managed Certificates).

Structured Finance

Our team at ACT Capital specialises in advising non-investment grade, small and mid-size companies that require private debt and alternative financing and we manage assignments from the inception stage through to final private placement and disbursement.

We have extensive expertise in arranging asset-backed, covered and collateralized bonds with considerable experience in structured finance. We are dedicated to providing solutions that are adapted to the challenging environments of Emerging and Frontier Markets.

At ACT Capital we work with large institutional capital providers for deals ranging from $100 million to $200 million. We maintain active relationships with a broad network of institutional investors, sovereign funds, banks, private and public debt funds, private banks and family offices.

We combine service, flexibility and extensive knowledge of the marketplace to ensure clients’ needs are met with the highest level of expertise.

Independence . Expertise . Commitment